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Data Ontap - Mode Administration

  • ·Module 1 The NetApp Storage Environment- Identify the key features and functions of NetApp storage systems
  • ·Module 2 WAFL Simplified- Describe how data is written to and read from WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system on a volume
  • ·Module 3 Basic Administration- Connect remotely to a FAS system by using the console and a remote host
  • ·Module 4 Physical Storage- Describe Data ONTAP RAID technology
  • ·Module 5 Logical Storage- Explain the concepts related to volumes in the Data ONTAP operating system
  • ·Module 6 Administration Security- Restrict administrative access
  • ·Module 7 Networking- Identify the configuration of network settings and components in the Data ONTAP operating system
  • ·Module 8 NFS- Explain NFS implementation in the Data ONTAP operating system
  • ·Module 9 CIFS- Describe the CIFS environment
  • ·Module 10 NAS Management- List some security methods for protecting data
  • ·Module 11 SAN- Explain the purpose of a SAN
  • ·Module 12 Snapshot Copies- Describe the function of Snapshot copies
  • ·Module 13 Space Management- List the storage efficiency techniques that are available within the Data ONTAP operating system
  • ·Module 14 High-Availability- Describe high-availability (HA) solutions
  • ·Module 15 Virtualization Solutions- Describe how to virtualize a storage controller by using MultiStore software
  • ·Module 16 Backup and Recovery Methods- List the methods available to back up and recover data
  • ·Module 17 Data Collection Tools- Use the sysstat, stats, and statit commands
  • ·Module 18 Data ONTAP Upgrades- Access the NetApp Support site for the following documents:

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